Peepalbot Agriculture Co-Operative
CMC Village Project
"by Debendra Pokharel"


History of Peepalbot Community: 

People are living in this since long time   from much generation to another generation. There are so many mix people like Bram, Chetri , Newar, Gurung, Damai, Sarki, and Kami etc. there are 85 family living in a geographical situation.  The area of this village lies on forest and river side little bit remote even in the VDC. All houses are damaged by earthquake and still people are living under in a cottage. Some people are started to rebuild house.  The major population in village is children and old age people rather than youth and work forced. 

The main income source of the village is traditional agriculture; every single thing has positive part in life which has happened in our community too. In a big earthquake of 25th April 2015, we lost many people, all houses and all our things but we became stronger in friendship relation with all our village people and we created a our  community called peoplebot, Now we are   more close, more familiar, and  more friendly in our humanitarian activities.  As we started helping to the community by relief materials like foods and cloths and plastic tents immediate after earthquake. 

The idea became to established an organization where we can help each other and work together to improve our economy status by doing some agriculture activities and   help to the society and their children education, sports , dance and art etc. We find some  kind of health and social problems in the old age people where we do like to help them for health take care and feeding program as per possible. 

We like to create a model of sustainable social business like city people buying village product in CMC (Cocina Mitho Chha) Kathmandu. So the money goes to Village.

I read a book Banker to poor of Dr. Muhammad Yunus and   learn a little bit the concept and value of the community base project and I personally motivated more about it.

Develop economy and quality life  of village people by  organizing financial and social activates by providing direct participation

Organizing many economy and social activates in local level

The following activities have been done already after earthquake:

  1. Food and relief distribution in Village for more than 150 families supported by all the guests and friends of Cocina Mitho Chha

  2. Financial  support to the family whose family member were dead in earthquake

  3. Financial support to the schools damaged by Earthquake to buy Zinc sheet supported by CMC Guests

  4. Organizing program an activities with local people to clear the materials of damaged houses by Alberto from Madrid

  5. Uniform distribution to the primary school of Jaubari VDC for 50 students

  6. Trauma counseling to the whole village by Cocina Mitho Chha and some young volunteers

  7. Drinking water in Katmandu  hospitals by Cocina Mitho Chha

  8. Drinking water supply to the village with material for 85 families supported by Gemma from Barcelona

  9. Tent distribution to the our CMC community in Kathmandu

  10. Zinc sheet distribution to 85 families of village to make roof by Ria and her family from Netherland

  11. Felicitation to the senior  citizen by awarding certificate and jacket

  12. Feeding activities to the senior citizen by Jo Pott Mercer from UK

  13. Stationary and sport material distribution to children of 85 families

  14. Scholarship to the children of 85 families

  15. Medical material distribution to the community hospital of Gorkha by Ria and family from Netherlands

  16. Agriculture equipments and seeds distribution to the village by Spanish Group

  17. Established Peepalbot Agriculture Co-Operative by Ria and family and Anneke from Netherlands

  18. Tunnel material and hand tractor distribution to grow vegetable in village by Spanish Group

  19. Co-Operative Accounting and Management training to the board members

  20. Environmental training (plastic free zone) to all the people of village including children

  21. English language classes to the village students by Daniel and Sofie from Denmark

  22. Extra Curricular activities to the children of village like sports by Daniel and Sofie

  23. Health Checkup and follow up by Dr. Maria Jose Lopez from Spain

  24. Water irrigation support to the village by Jo Pott  Mercer of UK (on process)

Future plan and activities:

Build community house
We need a community house to organize all the activities in the village to organize people and program. Especially we use the building as office for all the village of 85 families

Teaching English language
Village students are very poor in English language and there are high number of students are fail in the final exam so that we are looking for to organize English language to our children in our community.

Organizing art and dance program to children
To encourage our children we have to do some extra activates like dance and reading and writing as well as singing art class etc. 

Activities for senior citizens like feeding, health checkup
Regular health check up and feeding also kind of entertainment program to the senior citizen.

Agriculture training:
Organizing various types of actricultre training to enhancement in agriculture technique and equipment for quality product.

Supporting farmers:
Supporting to particular farmers who are interested to do some kind of farm like goat farming, cow farming. 

Supporting for economic development by selling their organic product to Kathmandu
Finding market to sale village product

Support for farm development and management in small scale by providing them farming equipment and other necessary equipment

Finding some resources and help to promote villagers life in agricultures by providing them specific training and

Organizing Home stay program
Our village is beautiful hill with lots of nature life so we are interested to organize home stay for tourist to introduce our village and exchange our culture and life style to the world by using CMC net work.

Placement of volunteers to support village development activities
We are interested to offer volunteer support like some kind of expertise , knowledge , skills to build our houses , and infrastructure of the village like make walking path, children garden, old age people house,  Chautara,  Temple, drinking water supply, irrigation etc.



Houses destroyed by earthquake

Getting the materials ready for relief distribution

People waiting for the relief distribution

Name list for relief distribution

Relief materials divided for all the families

Distributing relief to the people of village

Taking Zinc sheets to their destination after distribution

Clearing the rubbles of damaged house

Trauma Counselling for the villagers

Drinking water distribution in a hospital of Kathmandu

Distribution of water supply with equipments for the village

Tent Distribution

Felicitation of Senior Citizens of the village

Senior citizen feeding program

Distributing stationary and sports equipment to children

Distribution of medicines and equipment in village community hospital

Seeds and Agricultural equipment distribution

Second session of Trauma training by our guest Bibiana

Management and accounting training to the board members of Peepalbot Co-Operative

Board of members having lunch at Cocina Mitho Chha

Board members

English language class by Sofie

Daniel with the people of village

Solar panel used as alternative use of fuel for cooking in CMC

Certificate for the felicitation of senior citizens

Our guests Ria and Anneke after being welcomed

Road to the village

Bridge on the way to the village

View of the hill and house of the village

An elderly woman with her grandchild